Roughneck’s Protection Plus Plan

Roughneck’s Protection Plus Plan

Roughneck Pest Control offers the ultimate protection against pests for your home. It provides protection against 40 of the most common household pests & the promise that we’ll handle any concerns whenever and as often as they arise year round!

Benefits of the Program:

The Plus Plan gives you regular scheduled services by a trained technician that include:

  • Unlimited service calls at no extra cost– we stand by our commitment to protect you and your home from pests.  Call us whenever you need us – as often as you need between your regularly scheduled visits at no extra charge.
  • Protection from the most common pests – the Plan covers 40 of the most common household pests (Listed Below) in all.
  • GoCanvas Paperless Program – One of our Green Solutions as we reduce the amount of paper used.
  • Inclusion of BED BUGS – an extremely difficult, time-intensive and expensive pest to take care of.
  • (With Online Pay Option – Debit or Credit Card or Electronic Funds Transfer see below).
  • Services designed with children and pets in mind – we employ the most effective and least invasive treatments possible.
  • Regularly scheduled preventive services and inspections with electronic reports– your Roughneck technician will thoroughly inspect and treat your home during three annual scheduled services.
  • 2 Hour Window For Service Calls.
  • Trained, professional technicians– all Roughneck technicians are state certified and licensed!
  • Recommendations for preventing future problems – Roughneck Technicians will recommend simple steps you can take to prevent pests.
  • Annual Termite Inspection – a yearly termite inspection is included in your Roughneck’s Protection Plus Plan.


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Roughneck’s Protection Plus Plan Pest List




Argentine Ant Cat Fleas Spiders
Crazy Ant Dog Fleas Spring Tails
Ghost Ant American Dog Tick Indian Meal Moths
Odorous House Ant Brown Dog Tick Mediterranean Flour Moths
White Footed Ant Book Lice Cigarette Beetles
Acrobat Ant Stink Bug Confused Flour Beetle
Big Headed Ant Boxelder Bugs Drugstore Beetles
Little black Ant Centipedes Sawtooth Grain Beetles
Pavement Ant Millipedes Roof Rats
Pharaoh Ant Earwigs Norway Rats
Theif Ant Clover Mites House Mouse
Citronella Ant Sow Bugs American Cockroach
Bedbugs Oriental Cockroach
German Cockroach
Brown Banded Cockroach


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