“One More Reason To Hire A Pest Control Company”



Just One More Reason To Hire A Pest Control Company For BED BUGS!


bedbugs hidden away

Many aren’t aware that bed bugs don’t just live in beds. They can also live and hide in carpet, under the tack strip and padding. Many of our customers spend hundreds on chemicals from the store that just chase them further into hiding where they can remain without a meal for many months.

Don’t prolong the process, call The Roughnecks today.


DYINOSome who have bed bugs are trying to get diatomacous earth and treat themselves. If this is you it would be a good idea to order a duster like this so you can appropriately apply the right amount when lightly dusting areas. Most people over apply this powder like in the picture.
More is not better with DE dust.
Not only is this picture messy but bugs usually walk around big piles so lightly dusting is best
DE dust won’t kill the eggs so if you are needing a treatment


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